Monday, March 28, 2016

Week 43~Maria Rosa

Well here I am again! I´m in my new area Maria Rosa A in Taboão da Serra and wow it´s pretty great. The ward here is HUGE and actually I feel like I´m in the United States here, it´s really weird, but the ward helps a lot. We had an investigator come to church this Sunday and loved it because the ward was so friendly! Next month our stake is going to change and we will no longer be apart of the Ferreira Stake, but we will be apart of the Taboão stake, which makes more sense, but will probably cause a lot of drama. We´ll see.

This week was a week of miracles. We went to visit a family who they have been teaching and the last time they asked them to pray about the date 3 of april for their baptism. We went there Saturday and they tried to cut us. Well I wasn´t having that. So we just had a lesson of inspired questions and in the end they accepted the date 24 of april to be baptized. It was pretty incredible to see the spirit touch the heart of Fátima and her family. Please pray for her so that she can be baptized on this date with her whole family!

We also went to visit a woman who was a contact in the area book and we went there and it turns out she used to frequent the church for 12 years! But she was never baptized because she didn´t want to get married, but now she seperated from her ´´husband´´ and she and her daughter came to church this Sunday and loved it! We are going to mark them for baptism this week! Hoorah!

We also went to visit an investigator this week who hasn´t come to church yet, but she went to a Relief Society activity and loved it. We went there and her husband was there (the sisters were afraid to teach him because he is kind of atheist). But I talked to him and he is basically the coolest. He is a computer programmer and is a film buff so we made friends easily. Then I just kind of started teaching him and he said he never chose a church to frequent because he just wants to feel that it´s true. Well, my friend, have we got a message for you. We are going back there this week. I´m excited.

This week we also went to the temple to try out a new thing the Mission President might start. 4 of us Sisters went to do contacts in front of the temple to bring people to the church house and the Elders took it from there to do a tour. It actually worked out pretty well! We got about 15-20 people to go there! I think it´ll be something we´ll start doing with the new mission president in July.

That´s about it for this week! I forgot my camera so I don´t have any pictures. But just know my companion is cute and I ate a lot of churrasco for my birthday! Hahah! Love you all and thank you for your daily prayers!

Sister Lockhart