Monday, April 4, 2016

Week 44~The Week I Got Dengue...

But shout out to my brother Carson who´s birthday was yesterday! 18 years old, all the Lockhart´s are grown up now. As I like to say, we grow old, but we don´t have to grow up. 

This week had it´s up and downs. Fátima who accepted the baptismal date no longer wants to be baptized because she doesn´t want to go to church. Well that made me really sad, but her daughter Paloma had a dream after she was taught the Plan of Salvation that the Sisters were standing next to her grandparents who passed away so she´s been reading of Book of Mormon everyday and wants to be baptized! That´s a miracle. We are also working with her brother Danilo (14 years old) who doesn´t want to be baptized into the church where ´´the boys with the white shirts and ties are unhappy´´ lol he thinks if he´s baptized he can´t play soccer anymore, but every lesson we´ve had with him he has cried and he told us he drank coffee, but he lied and is actually keeping the word of wisdom. He´s a good kid. Everytime we visit him I say ´´Hey Danilo! Are you happy? Because I´m REALLY happy!´´ and he gets a big smile on his face and after he does magic tricks for us. It really makes my day.

Maria and Isabele will be baptized on 17 of April! They love the church and we asked them to read a scripture in the Book of Mormon and after pray about it and Isabele said she was filled with lots of joy. We asked Maria if she prayed and she said no, but she already got her answer when we showed up at her door. She said she is ready to start her life over and be baptized and endure to the end. I remember my first week here in Maria Rosa we found them and since then I can see how the church has already blessed their lives and how much happier they are. It´s paretty incredible

I hope everyone had a great conference weekend. My favorites were Elder Bednar and Elder Holland. But that´s really no surprise. We weren´t able to bring anyone to the stake center to watch with us and that was pretty disappointing since we had planned to bring 6 people, but everyone cancelled. But thanks to good old Elder Holland he made me feel a lot better...

I think the hardest part about missionary work is people´s agency because you know what´s better for them. It´s the same with how Heavenly Father feels about us when we are not doing things we should be doing. He just wants to bless us! It must be frustrating to be a parent. 

I have pictures today! Thank you all for everything! Until next week!
Sister Lockhart
The closest we'll ever get to Ris de Janeiro 
​They said to take a crazy picture...
 (Me, Sister Cannon, Sister O. Souza, and Sister Gomes)