Monday, March 7, 2016

Week 40~Another Multizona & 9 Months...What?

I'm going to keep it short this week, but here´s a summary of what happened this week:

This week we had a Multi-zone conference which was really good. Apparently we received a new mission counselor and he gave an excellent talk on faith and he talked about some faith promoting stories he had on his mission. One thing I thought of when he gave his talk was when Alma in the Book of Mormon says that they made miracles happen. They didn´t wait around for miracles to happen. That part I already knew, but what I learned is that us missionaries make miracles happen when we promise specific blessings. Ding! Lightbulb. I need to be better at that, because I can promise the general blessings, but it requires faith to promise a specific blessing, and faith precedes the miracle.

In other news, we had to cut Carol this week, because she won´t wake up to come to church. So that was sad. Also, our chosen family that we had lots of miracles with decided to cut us too, which kind of broke my heart. And Vagner won´t accept a baptism date because he thinks he needs to pay for his sins first. No, Vagner. Jesus Christ already did that. You just need to repent. But he´s a stubborn one. But he still comes to church every Sunday without our help so that´s something. Also, Andreia came to church this week, that one investigator we found who happily let us into her house. So that was good, but she has some serious mental problems, so I don´t think we will be able to progress with her. We did find a house full of people that accept us, but no one is married. It´s always the humble people that accept us. I really feel like Alma admist the Zoramites here. It´s equal.

So that is about it for this week. Oh yeah I´m nine months old now? What? Everything passes so fast now! I finally feel like I´m just geting started! Haha. Here some pictures. Love you all! 

Sister Lockhart