Monday, March 7, 2016

Week 39~Tchau Piolho

My Maxine...We met over skype in the MTC for TRC!!

Oi gente, another week gone, another week to go. This week was pretty good, except that I found out that I have lice. I´ve come to find that it isn´t fun to have lice. So if you ever want to know what it´s like to have lice, imagine bugs crawling on your head, because that´s exactly what it is.

This week we went through our list of contacts in our Area Book and decided to contact everyone who lives on one of the roads in our area. So the first person we went to visit was out on the street and she saw us and told us ´´Enter! Enter! Please!´´ Turns out the other Sisters used to teach her, but she had a terrible drinking problem and was out on the street a lot and after was intermitted into like one of those Rehabilitation places so they lost contact with her. Now she doesn´t drink and has almost quit smoking and she loves the missionaries. She told us ´Yeah, I remember we went to church a few times with the Sisters, maybe we can do that again!´´ and we were like ´´Yeah!!!´´ So that was a miracle for this week.l

Update on Vagner: Vagner Vagner loves the church, but is waiting fo his answer about the Book of Mormon. He told us this week when we taught him that he thought we weren´t going to come because we were annoyed with him or something so he was praying that we would come and when he finished his prayer we showed up at the door. He came to church this Sunday and wanted to stay for a baptism in the other ward, but his wife showed up at the church and said that he had to leave. His wife always told us that she was okay with him choosing his own path, but I guess not. We´ll see this week.

As for Carol, we always mark her for baptism, but it always drops because she won´t stop smoking or drinking. This week we had a spiritual lesson with her about baptism and we tried to remark her, but this time she said that she wants to be certain that she won´t break any commandments such as drinking and smoking and going to church after baptism bcause it´s something serious. Hoorah! She gets it! She told us to give her a month. Normally I guess we would be sad, but Carol was a mess when we found her and she has progressed a lot and is turning her life around. So I feel really good about our work with her.

As for other things, we´re going to be getting a new bishop soon in the ward because the current bishop is moving to Tennessee. Also our English class is going great and we might start teaching in a school now because a ecent convet in our ward is a big shot here and is helping us out a lot with missionary work. And that´s about it for this week! 

Sister Lockhat
​My her visa to serve in Fort Lauderdale, FL!