Monday, March 21, 2016

Week 42~Transfers & Birthdays

Happy birthday to me, happy birthday to me, I live in Brazil, but not in a tree. 

I give it an A for effort.

So this week was really good! Andreia is really excited about her baptism and this week she handed over her coffee and cigarettes! When I asked her to give them to me I thought she wouldn´t, because in my experience nobody ever has, but I need to learn to trust my investigators and the gospel of Jesus Christ, because the atonement changes us! 

Also we had a very good lesson with Wagner this week. He told us he needs to read the whole Book of Mormon before being baptized. We gave the analogy of the cake and that you don´t need to eat the whole cake to know it´s good and he liked that analogy, but still insisted. I then shared my experience of the Book of Mormon and almoooost cried when he grabbed my arm and said ´´I know it´s true.´´ We read the first few baptismal questions with him and he passed, but he is still insisting that he needs to read the whole book first. Oh Vagner...

I also found out yesterday I´ve been called to train in Maria Rosa! Kinda sad I´ll be leaving behind everything here, but excited at the same time. It´s Ferreira zone and Ferreira is richer than Perdizes, can you believe it? Buuuut, it´ll all work out.
Also our English class is so awesome! We did an english scavenger hunt and everybody loved it! I´m really grateful for the time I spent here in Perdizes, as hard as it was. We´ve done a lot of good here.

Oh yeah, I almost spent my birthday in the hospital today. I woke up Saturday morningthrowing up and spent the whole day trying not to die and finally went to the hospital and it turns out I have a little infection in my stomach and my left side is a little enlarged for some reason. But everything´s okay mom! That´s why they invented drugs.

Thank you all for your love and support! Until next week!

Sister Lockhart