Monday, October 26, 2015

Week 21~The Holy Ghost Carries the Message

"Ye are the light of the world. city that is set on an hill cannot be hid.´´

Good morning everyone!

The beginning of this week started off really good with lots of lessons and contacts, but then died down at the end of the week due to the weather. It's been rainy and cold for the past few days, so no one goes outside and the people we want to see say that they are sick. All well. Today is finally sunny, so that's good.

This week we had a very good lesson with one of our new investigators, Erix. His daughter, Keila, is a recent convert and is awesome. We taught about the Plan of Salvation and Jesus Christ and the spirit was strong. And he said he would come to church with us, but his family went out of town, but he is really awesome. 

We also met a woman on the street one night while we were contacting this week and she started crying when we started talking to her because she said God sent us to her. It really amazes me sometimes how spiritual these people are. Anyway, this week we are going to see her, which is good, because all of our investigators have been flakey up until this point.

Last night we had family home evening with a recent convert family and the dad talked about having the spirit when we teach. Because, you can teach a lesson perfectly, but the spirit is what testifies that something is true. And I know that to be true, because I don't teach lessons perfectly, but the Holy Ghost is what carries the message.

Until next week,
Sister Lockhart

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Monday, October 19, 2015

Week 20~First Baptism...

Hello all!

This week was sweet! We had the baptism of Nataly this week and everything went smoothly. It was a great experience for everyone there. She was really, really nervous for her interview and was probably overprepared haha but she is awesome.

We also painted a house this week for a service project!!! Unfortunately, my camera died that day so the pictures are on other peopleś cameras, so Iĺl have to see if I can get those next week. It was really cool though because the Elder's area is beautiful.

We have had a lot of miracles this week marking people for baptism. Unfortunately, no one wants to come to church with us. So that's kind of a problem. But it'll be better next week.

Don't have a lot of time to write this week, but thank you all for your prayers and emails! Love you!

Sister Lockhart
Family Home Evening Nite
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Monday, October 12, 2015

Week 19~Sião...

Bom dia everyone!

This week I transferred to Caucaia which hasn´t had Sister missionaries in over twenty years! There´s a less active here who has lived here for over 50 years and she has photos to prove it! It´s pretty crazy. So naturally, everyone is stoked that we are here.

This area is basically Zion. Ok, that´s a bit of an exaggeration, but I´ve taught more lessons here in just one week than I did six weeks in my last area! And we already have someone who will be baptized this week! Her name is Natali and she´s thirteen years old and is awesome. Her uncle is a recent convert and he´s the bomb too. But yeah, there´s a running joke here that we´re going to baptize the monkeys haha There are a lot of horses and forests here which reminds me of the good ol´ Carolina and I love it. Oh and the accent here is different. I think it´s the equivalent of a southern accent in the United States. It´s really tranquil here and the people are a lot friendlier. Anyway, I had a lot more to say about this week, but I forgot already...

Monday, October 5, 2015

Week 18~Four Months...

Taboao Zone

Bom dia everyone

I hope you all had a week full of great things. As of Saturday, I´ve hit my  4 month mark, woah!

I´ll start off with the big news first: I´m getting transferred! What? Apparently our area here is closing again because the numbers are low and probably because I still haven´t taught any of the 5 lessons, but hey, I still learned a lot here. My new area will be Caucaia, which is very far away from where I am now and very different apparently. It´s called the interior, which just means not the city I think. I´m not sure. But there´s lots of forests and cows and chickens and it´s more calm and tranquil with less people, so that´ll be both fun and interesting. I´m really excited. Also I´ll be getting a new companion because Sister de Oliveira was called as a Sister Training leader for this area. My new companion will be Sister Oliveira. No joke. Hahaha.And we will be pinkwashing the area, which means we will be replacing the Elders in that area. And Caucaia hasn´t had Sisters before. This´ll be a fun experience.

This week we also had training for the new missionaries. Here´s a story: we (sister Hall, sister Valdera, and I) were on the bus going to the church and we got off at the wrong stop halfway there and had to walk about thirty minutes to get to the place because we were lost. But, we made it! Late of course, but we made it in time for the food haha

And of course we had General Conference this week which was sweet! I was able to watch half of it in Portuguese and half in English. Sister Hall´s uncle (Elder Haynie) spoke and also Elder Costa who I´ve met a couple times here. I don´t know who´s talk was my favorite, but enjoy Elder Bednar´s talk about sustaining the Apostles and the Prophet. I have a grand testimony that God has called a living prophet today because He loves his children yesterday, today, and forever. 

Now I´m going to bombard you with pictures. To be honest, I´m going to miss Jardim Celeste, it was charming. But that´s mission life. Thank you all for everything!

Until next week,
Sister Lockhart

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Goodbye Mr. Magoo Pizza (aka Diabetes)
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