Monday, November 14, 2016

Week 76~"Hurrah for Israel"

Future Missionary
What a week!

This week we had Junior´s baptism which was really special. When he bore his testimony at the baptism, he talked about how he used to be atheist, but now he can see how God is blessing his life and that he always wants Jesus by his side to help him keep the commandments and that the church is true. All I can say is ´´Hurrah for Israel!!!´´

We also had a general authority, Elder Nielson, come to our mission and talk about missionary work. It was really special. He told us about how he had the opportunity to read the journals of Wilford Woodruf and his accounts with the prophet Joseph Smith. Something that Joseph told his bretheren is that ´´You don´t have any more knowledge than a babe on a mother´s lap of the destiny of this kingdom.´´ Amen. Then he showed us the new videos of the new Christmas Campaign that they´re going to do which is called Light the World. But they´re not out yet so it was exclusive hahah and then he thought Brasilians didn´t know what youtube was, which was kind of embarassing.

I don´t have anything else to say except that I love the Gospel, I love my Savior, and I love missionary work! This week I´ll get to visit the other areas that I served in. Thank you all for everything you´ve done for me. I´ll give you all a big hug and kiss when I get home!

Sister Lockhart
Junior's dad, Junior, Valeria, Luan, Felipe
Last P-day...we went bowling

Monday, November 7, 2016

Week 75~"It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year"

The Shopping Mall getting ready for Christmas

Hello again! It seems like yesterday I wrote my last email. Time flies!

This week was pretty special. Junior, Luan´s brother, decided that he wants to be baptized. Actually it was pretty funny, we arrived at his house and we shared a mormon message with him about God´s will and when the video was over he called his mom to the room and asked when she would be working during the week and when she asked why he said ´´Because I´m going to be baptized and we need to work out the time.´´ And we were just sitting there like ´´did this really just happen?´´ But afterward his mom and brother started to say that he wasn´t ready and all. They were going to go to the beach this weekend, but Junior said that if they went he would go to church instead. And he came!! Alone!! We gave him the baptism paper to have his mom sign so let´s pray that everything works out this week for him to be baptized.

Also this week Priscilla is smoking less and is excited for her baptism. She still has a lot of questions, but is determined to follow because she feels good about the decision. She already kicked the ´´bad man´´ out of the house (boyfriend), and she´s been goiong to the classes for Auto-suficiência. She´s progressing great.

This sunday was probably the best sunday of my mission because it was completely stress-free and all of our investigators who are on date to be baptized came to church. God is good. This week I was able to feel lots of joy because our investigators are really living the scripture in Mosiah 5:2. I can say that it´s good to baptize, but to see the conversion in people´s lives is what makes me most happy. I love the gospel!

Love you all! Until next week!
Sister Lockhart
Family Home Evening with a family that is returning to Church