Monday, April 25, 2016

Week~47 "Israel Jesus Te Chama"

Hello my friends!  Another transfer down and my new companion is from Terezinha! Sister Melo. I've met her before and she's really sweet and has about 4 months on the mission. It's going to be great to work with her in ZION.

This week Maria and Isabele were confirmed during Sacrament meeting which was a great experience. I also gave a talk, which is the first time I've given a talk on the mission. But it actually worked out really well. Claudenise, the mother of one of our investigators, came to church this week and loved it! It's actually funny how that stuff works out because our investigator, her son, is really flaky now and just wants to party and drink, but maybe we were supposed to teach him to find her! God's plan is bigger than we can comprehend.

Also yesterday was the baptism of Paloma!!!! It was an awesome experience. Her whole family was there and now we're just waiting for the whole family to join in too. And my girl Paloma wants to serve a mission so I couldn't really ask for more. 

Food for thought this week: when we're grateful, we make room to receive more blessings. 

That's about it for this week! Thank you all for your continual support! Love you!

Sister Lockhart

Monday, April 18, 2016

Week 46~Broke my Back and Learned to Laugh

Me, Maria, Isaque, Gabriel, Isabele, Sister Hall, and Sister Souza

Hey people! I didn´t really break my back, but it does hurt a lot and here´s why!

This week was the baptism of Maria and Isabele that almost didn´t happen! This week we had stake conference and we had planned to do the baptism right after in the stake center. But Saturday night I got a call about 8 pm when we were at the temple with our investigators that we couldn´t have the baptism at the stake center because of safety stuff. So I was stressing a bit because we had already planned everything and told everyone that it would be there, but our Ward mission leader and Bishop said they would resolve everything Sunday and would fill the baptismal font before the baptism. Except that they didn´t do any of that. So we went to our church in Maria Rosa right after the conference and began filling the font. But if you know anything about filling a font I think it takes about 2 hours to fill and the baptism wasright after the conference. So we filled it ourselves with buckets of water and we filled that font in 30 minutes! In other words, don´t mess with a Lockhart. So that´s why my back hurts. And while we were filling the font I just couldn´t help but laugh because really it was just so funny. But in the end, everything worked out and we had cake and Maria and Isabele cried and our ward mission leader told me that the greatest blessigs come after the hardest challenges. I think he´s right.

We also had the wonderful oportunity to go to the temple with two of our investigators. Paloma will be baptized this sunday and she is amazing! She goes to seminary on her own and showed up at stake conference by herself, she´s only 15 years old! She wants to serve a mission too! We brought her sister Stefani too who is equally amazing (she actually found my blog and reads it now so Oi Stefani!!! hahah) We had a great experience there at the temple and we´re counting on Stefani being baptized in May after everything cools down with her work.

Oh yeah, my companion was transferred to help out another Sister who is having a lot of problems, so guess who is my new companion now? Sister Hall. Hhahahahahah! But only for a week! President isn´t thaaaaat crazy lol

That´s about it for this week. Love you all and thank you for your prayers! Até o próximo! 

Sister Lockhart

A road called "White Savior"... I thought it was funny

With Sister Cannon

Goin' Trackting

"Who is it"

"Would you like to hear a message about Jesus"

With Sister Souza

With Sister Hall, Paloma & Stefani

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Week 45~Rainbows & Butterflies... (More like: Sun & Mosquitos) lol

Ferreira Zona
Hey y´all! Wow can´t believe I said that. They weren´t kidding when they say the mission changes you...hahah. Anyway, let´s get down to it!

Maria and Isabele will be baptized this week! They are really excited and determined to be baptized. It will be after our stake conference so it´ll be cool with all those people there to support. Don´t worry, there will be pictures next week!

Paloma will also be baptized the week after! Danilo, her brother, didn´t want to wake up to come to church, but one of the young men in our ward went to his house sunday and said he wasn´t going to leave his house until he got up to go to church! And he came! It was a miracle! We´ve also been teaching Paloma´s sister Stefani who said she´ll probably be baptized in May and that right now is really busy for her to study the Book of Mormon, but hey at least it wasn´t ´´No, get out of my house.´´ We had a great spiritual lesson on the Law of Chasity, who would´ve thought? lol. But yeah she´s progressing pretty well. We´re going to the temple with them this week.

We´ve also been working with a man named Victor who´s marked for baptism 24 of Apriltoo. Victor was a contact I made in the Plaza. It was actually pretty funny because he was sitting with a woman and a baby on the bench and I went up to them and introduced ourselves and started talking about eternal families and they said they were just friends and weren´t married. So that was fun. But Victor said we could pass by his house so we did. We´ve talked about baptism and the Restoration and he says that he needs to baptized and learn more! He came to church this week and liked it. He is a good person. We´re prayingeverything works out this week so he can go to stake conference!

We also had interviews with the mission president this week. Our last interview with him, which is kind of sad. But he told us something interesting that I won´t forget. He told us his secret of how he stayed strong in the gospel. He said there are two sides. The side that needs help and the side that offers help. He said we should always ask for help when we need it, and always offer help whenever we can. Food for thought.

In other news, we´ve gained the Bishop´s and the ward´s trust! There are a lot more people willing to go out with us now, including the Bishop! Yay Maria Rosa!

That´s all for this week that I´m remembering. Oh yeah we went to the temple today again so that´s why P-day is today. And I don´t have pictures because this LAN House doesn´t want to send my pictures...So until next week!

Sister Lockhart

(I some pictures...See ya)

Monday, April 4, 2016

Week 44~The Week I Got Dengue...

But shout out to my brother Carson who´s birthday was yesterday! 18 years old, all the Lockhart´s are grown up now. As I like to say, we grow old, but we don´t have to grow up. 

This week had it´s up and downs. Fátima who accepted the baptismal date no longer wants to be baptized because she doesn´t want to go to church. Well that made me really sad, but her daughter Paloma had a dream after she was taught the Plan of Salvation that the Sisters were standing next to her grandparents who passed away so she´s been reading of Book of Mormon everyday and wants to be baptized! That´s a miracle. We are also working with her brother Danilo (14 years old) who doesn´t want to be baptized into the church where ´´the boys with the white shirts and ties are unhappy´´ lol he thinks if he´s baptized he can´t play soccer anymore, but every lesson we´ve had with him he has cried and he told us he drank coffee, but he lied and is actually keeping the word of wisdom. He´s a good kid. Everytime we visit him I say ´´Hey Danilo! Are you happy? Because I´m REALLY happy!´´ and he gets a big smile on his face and after he does magic tricks for us. It really makes my day.

Maria and Isabele will be baptized on 17 of April! They love the church and we asked them to read a scripture in the Book of Mormon and after pray about it and Isabele said she was filled with lots of joy. We asked Maria if she prayed and she said no, but she already got her answer when we showed up at her door. She said she is ready to start her life over and be baptized and endure to the end. I remember my first week here in Maria Rosa we found them and since then I can see how the church has already blessed their lives and how much happier they are. It´s paretty incredible

I hope everyone had a great conference weekend. My favorites were Elder Bednar and Elder Holland. But that´s really no surprise. We weren´t able to bring anyone to the stake center to watch with us and that was pretty disappointing since we had planned to bring 6 people, but everyone cancelled. But thanks to good old Elder Holland he made me feel a lot better...

I think the hardest part about missionary work is people´s agency because you know what´s better for them. It´s the same with how Heavenly Father feels about us when we are not doing things we should be doing. He just wants to bless us! It must be frustrating to be a parent. 

I have pictures today! Thank you all for everything! Until next week!
Sister Lockhart
The closest we'll ever get to Ris de Janeiro 
​They said to take a crazy picture...
 (Me, Sister Cannon, Sister O. Souza, and Sister Gomes)