Monday, October 17, 2016

Week 72~God's not Dead...

Family Home Evening with Rita
(the great thing about returning to an old area
 is that you get to visit the people you taught)

Hello people!

 The time is passing by really fast, but let me give you a rundown of the week.

So we have been following up on Luan´s brother, Junior, and we talked to him yesterday about baptism. He said that he is seeing the change in his life because he used to not believe in God, but now he believes. And he is going to church and reading the Book of Mórmon which is just great! We made a goal to baptize him in the beginning of November. He said if he feels he should, he will. 

Also this past wednesday was Children´s Day and there was a neat activity at the church. We brought our investigator Bea who is progressing well. We went with her and her little two year old and it was nice and also awkward because we couldn´t like pick up the children. But there was a ball pit and trampoline and little Igor (Bea´s son) was very content. 

Priscila also came to church this week and accepted a date to be baptized. Priscila is the first investigator that I can remember who drove to the church in her car. She is passing through some trials, but she is a strong woman who wants to change her life and knows that something was missing from it. And that´s when we called by accident and she said she wanted to know more about the church. God works in mysterious ways. 

That´s all I´m going to write for this week. Love you all and stay safe!
Sister Lockhart
Sara and Rafael are returning to the Church and they bought us pizza