Monday, October 10, 2016

Week 71~Probably the Busiest Week of my Mission...

Me, Sister Perez, Luan, Felipe

Hello all! I heard about the hurricane that passed through the Carolinas. I hope everyone is safe and okay! You´re in my prayers.

But as for this week, this week was probably one of the busiest weeks of my mission. First of all, on thursday we went to accompany Luan with his Book of Mormon reading, but instead we had ´´real talk´´ with him about baptism and why he didn´t want to be baptized. During the middle of the conversation he said ´´Well, it´s not that I don´t want to be baptized, I do...´´ and he told us that he was afraid to make a big mistake after baptism. So we explained the Atonement more in depth and he said ´´Ok, so when am I going to be baptized?´´ !!! Remember that this is on thursday and his mom was going to get a day off saturday, but Luan felt it would be too soon, but his mom wouldn´t be able to stay on sunday if the baptism were sunday and also he didn´t want to have to wait another week to receive the gift of the Holy Ghost. So Luan was baptized Saturday. 

On Saturday we went to the temple with a family we are working with to be sealed. There daughter isn´t baptized yet, and we felt the spirit really strong in the waiting room of the temple.She knows she needs to be baptized, but she doesn´t feel prepared, but she seems to be changing.

After the temple we were invited to an english school to help students practice their english. Me and another american Elder sat up in the front and answered the student´s questions that they had prepared, but they started asking questions about our work and about why we decided to do this and it turned into a very special, spritual moment and I know that we left a good impression there. I felt like I was on the Ellen show or something, it was awesome.

Luan´s baptism went great, President Thomas and Sister Thomas came! It was very special. Luan bore his testimony and made everyone cry haha. Afterwards he received the gift of the Holy Ghost on sunday and his brother and cousin came. After church we went to visit him, but he went to say goodbye to our district leader so we talked to his brother Junior and his cousin Rafael. Junior said that when Luan bore his testimony, he felt something. Junior is atheist like Luan was, but he said he noted the big difference in Luan now that he is interested in knowing for himself if these things are true and he´s going to read the Book of Mormon. Rafael is evangelical, and his dad is pastor so he heard a lot of bad things about the church, but at the baptism and at church he said he knows that the stuff he heard isn´t true and asked for a Book of Mormon to read when he goes back home (he lives in the interior) . The missionaries there are going to visit him! Hoorah!

This week was just a great week full of miracles. Know that I love you all and Hurrah for Israel!
Sister Lockhart

Prepare yourselves for photos

Last District Meeting of the Transfer
At the Temple
Let"s Speak English
Rafael, Junior, Luan,Felipe, Valeria
After Church