Monday, October 31, 2016

Week 74~"The Book is Blue, The Church is True..."

Hello my people, this week certainly had its ups and downs, but we know that in our times of trial is the time of great learning.

This week we went to the temple with Beatriz, our investigator who was supposed to baptized on Sunday. We went and had a lesson there which was really spiritual and we left her in the waiting room in the temple to read the Book of Mormon and search for her answer. When we returned she said that she had gotten her answer and would be baptized. What a miracle! But it just so happens that Satan also has angels and works hard too and Beatriz got scared to make the decision and so her baptism has been put off for now. But the book is blue and the church is true.

Other than that, we´ve been working a lot with Luan´s brother who is progressing really well. He downloaded the Gospel Library app and has been reading the Book of Mormon everyday. And now he´s been asking about the Commandments so that he doesn´t sin in ignorance. I have a real testimony of the Book of Mormon in conversion. 

We´ll be having interviews with President this week which will be great. We´ve been reactivating less active families which is awesome. And we´ve been handing out candy to people when we do contacts in the spirit of halloween which might seem creepy, but people like it. Haha. That´s it for this week. Until the next, 
Sister Lockhart

At the temple with Beatriz (her son Igor was bit by a dog)

Isaiah 40:31

Luan received the priesthood and blessed the sacrament this week