Monday, October 24, 2016

Week 73~Order and Progress...

São Paulo is full of hills that are trying to kill me...

Hi everyone, another day another dollar! 

This week we worked a lot with our investigators who are preparing to be baptized. They are having a lot of progress so that´s great. Unfortunately Beatriz wasn´t home on sunday so she didn´t go to church. She was supposed to be baptized this Saturday, but we feel that she needs a bit more time to prepare herself. But she´s doing great too. Priscila was able to come on sunday, but it´s a bit complicated situation with the dad of the kid´s. But we are working with the bishopbric to work everything out. Also, we brought two young women to church, Sara and Samara. They are from Rio de Janeiro and have a strong accent. They are really shy so that´s why their mom is all like ´´Please take them to church and have them make friends!!!´´ They are going to come with us tomorrow to the English Class at the church too.

But other than, we have been finding less-active families too. We found a family whose just great. We left them with a message and one of the ladies said ´´I had a feeling you Sisters were going to come today and invite us to church and I´ve been touched by your message that I´ll go to church!´´ And the miracle is that she actually came! They are an awesome family really.

But that´s really about it for this week. Just working until the end. Here´s just one picture.

Love you all!
Sister Lockhart