Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Week 34~"São Paulo Oueste, missão essencial"

Hello my friends!

First off, sorry for not writing yesterday. Yesterday was a holiday because São Paulo celebrated it´s 462nd year of being a city! So naturally, everything was closed. But never fear, I am here!

This week was a week of miracles! We found a couple who appear to be eleitas! Rafael and Julia. We did a contact with Rafael a while ago, but everytime we tried to contact them, they were always traveling or working. But this week we met with them and taught the Plan of Salvation and eternal families. Everyone cried and the spirit was strong. Afterwards, they told us that it was eactly what they needed because apparently they have been having some troubles in the family, but that they liked the spirit that we bring in their home. We taught them the Restoration a few days ago which was great too because they told us what a coincedence it was that we found them because they had been discussing about looking fo one religion for the whole family. Unfortunately they couldn´t come to church this week because Julie went to the United States to work for the week, but! they said that they would come this week! Whoo!

We also brought Regiani and Wellington to church this week. Regiani is the sister of Clebson that I think I talked about last week. They´re not married, but they have been talking about marriage, so we´ll see with them!

This week we also had a broadcast for all the missionaries in the world. It was pretty cool. We heard from Elder Bednar and Sister Oscarson and a few other people whose names I can´t remember. They talked about how we need to teach repentance and baptized converts, which is kind of a problem here in Brasil because eveyone gets baptized, but then goes inactive. But the good news is that our mission, São Paulo Oueste, has the most preisthood holders in all of Brasil! Whoop!

Let´s see what else? Looks like we are going to start this english class after all starting the 13th of February! I´m also teaching piano to a lady in the ward here which is kind of fun. 

Until next week,
Sister Lockhart

...These pictures are from a cool park we went to for P-day which is actually in the mission São Paulo Interlagos (don´t worry we got permission)