Monday, January 18, 2016

Week 33~Bom Dia Brasil!

Twinning with Sister Hall

Bom dia America! 

So this week was kind of interesting!
First off, I talked about Pedro already and how the sisters have been teaching them for about 2 years, but he couldn´t go to church because of his job. Anyway he told us he got a new job and all that so we went to his house to have a lesson with a member and he told us that he would be leaving for Salvador the day after and would stay there for a month because that new job he got he didn´t like and is now working for events. So that was a bummer.

In other news, a recent convert in our ward, Duke, asked for Mario´s number (our investigator who´s mom told us not to come by anymore) so that he could keep in contact with him. Turns out Duke called him up and offered him to live with him and offered him a job so that he could work. What?? We were very surprised when the Elders called us up and told us what happened. I don´t know if Mario will accept, but we´ll see!

We found a lot of new people to teach this week, but none of them are married unfortunately. We started teaching Pedro´s neighbors and we taught them the Restoration. After we explained the great apostasy, one of girls asked ´´Wait, does this church exist today?´´ which made me feel good inside. After, we explained the restoration and the spirit was strong, and afterwards Clebson said ´´We´ll go to church tomorrow´´ But when we stopped by there everyone was sleeping and Clebson went to Osasco to work. Phooey. But there´s always next week!

What else? Oh it looks like we´re actually going to do this english class thing. They want to start it at the end of January, but I´m going to try and convince them to wait until after Carnival, since no one is going to be here during that week. But it should be fun! 
Thank you for everything! Until next week!
Sister Lockhart

We made a cake 'cause us three have seven months!