Monday, January 11, 2016

Week 32~Ready, Set, Go!


Oi gente!

This week we worked our tails off! We made a list of all the members who live in our area and showed it to the bishop. Turns out that almost all the members that live in our area (which isn´t a ton) are less active, so we have been trying to contact them to find some new people to teach. We also talked to the bishop about starting a geneology class or center in the church that people can go to to learn more about how to find their ancestors. It´s really cool here in São Paulo because there are a lot of immigrants here so people like that kind of stuff. Hopefully it´s something we will actually do and not just say we´re gonna do lol

In other news, our investigator Pedro has been meeting with the missionaries for two years. He LOVES the Book of Mormon, but the problem is he always works on Sundays so he could never go to church. But this past week he told us he found a new job that allows him to work only Monday through Fridays and that he would be able to go to church now! Yeah! He also told us he wants to bring his friend and that her dad wants to come too! 

Also this week we found Mario who is 24 years old. We taught him the Restoration and he doesn´t understand a lot, but we marked him for baptism and everything was find until he told his mom about it. She didn´t like that. But the two came to church with us and Mario loved it, but after church they told us to give them some time and that maybe they´ll visit the church some other time. Sad.

We also found a really cool family who´s dad is a member but less active and his two daughters. They´re awesome. The dad produces music from artists and the one daughter is going to study music and sings like no other. Unfortunately, Natalia (the daughter) was throwing up this week so they couldn´t make it to church. But one thing I´ve learned here is that you just have to give it your all and do your part and the Lord does the rest.

That´s about all for this week. This area is really good for Americans because the whole world wants to speak english with us so its easier for us to get addresses. It´s also strange because Americans live in our ward haha but I actually really like it here because it gives us a chance to be creative in finding people. Thankyou all for everything! Love you!

Sister Lockhart

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