Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Week 35~It's Tuesday Again...

"I ❤️ to see the temple"

Hey y´all! 

It´s Tuesday again which is strange. This week our P-day got switched to Tuesday because we got to go to the temple today! Yay! 

So this week was kind of a blur! I´m trying to remember all that happened this week, but it happened so fast! Maybe it´s that Carnival spirit. Hahah just kidding.

Let´s see, we´ve been workig a lot with one of our investigators, Carol, who has a lot of problems, but really wants to change her life. We´ve been having a lot of help from the members and we´ve had an AWESOME lesson with the bishop, but unfortunately she didn´t come to church this Sunday. Sad. But there´s still hope! As for that other family we found, they weren´t able to come to church either, but we meet with them and the bishop tomorrow! Praying everything goes swell!

Other than that, not much has happened because Carnival is starting. Here in Brasil instead of Valentine´s day, we have Carnival. I don´t know which is worse hahaha Carnival in the city is actually terrible because everyone gets drunk so we have to return to our house a bit earlier for precaution because of all the parties on the street. But never fear! The force, I mean the Spirit, is with us. Wow, that was a bad joke.

Just that for this week. Our zone has been focusing on the attributes of Christ, specifically faith for this week. One thing I have learned is that true faith leads us to act. If we have true faith, we will repent and keep the commandments because faith is a principle of action. And that´s why faith in Jesus Christ produces salvation!

Thank you all for everything! Next week I´ll be writing on Thursday because everything will be closed for Carnival! Até!

Sister Lockhart

Another Park...<3

"As we touch the temple and love the temple, our lives will reflect our faith..." ~Thomas S Monson