Monday, January 11, 2016

Week 31~Ano Novo!

Happy New Year!
Hello people!

 I´m in my new area now and it looks like I´m here to stay! It´s pretty cool to be here since I already passed 2 weeks here, so it´s easier to develop a relationship with the members which is kind of essential here. Perdizes is RICH. Everybody lives in sky high apartments and think they don´t need Jesus because they have money. So it´s kind of hard to find new investigators here. Also this area might be the biggest area in the mission other than Ibiuna, so we do a lot of walking which is probably good since I probably need to lose the 40 pounds I gained in Caucaia. Hahah, just kidding.

My new companion is Sister Haggard, an american! My first american companion. We have the same amount of time on the mission except she got her visa on time so she´s actually been in Brasil longer.And I´m also living with Sister Hall, my companion from the MTC. I literally don´t know what the Mission President was thinking when he made that decision. Her companion is brasilian and is waiting for her visa to serve in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. It´s pretty great.

On New Year´s I got to talk to my family, yay! Everything worked out, thank goodness. New Year´s day was unique in itself. Literally no one was in their house and no one was on the streets because everyone is traveling. So we just walked and walked and walked. Then it started to rain, but we forgot our umbrellas and I don´t think it´s ever rained that hard since I´ve been here. We got soaked!!!!!!! I found it pretty funny actually. 

Those are pretty much the highlights for this week. We did have a miracle yesterday. We struggled this week to find new investigators so we said a prayer that we would be able to find one of the contacts we made in their house. So we went ther, but she told us she was leaving. But I had to use the bathroom really bad so I rang someone´s doorbell and we met a woman named Maria who let us in which was a miracle because we knocked on many doors that day and no one let us in. She received us warmly! After that we found another person who let us teach him, but he was kind of strange because he told us he doesn´t have faith in Christ, but he has faith in Christ´s faith. Also that we are actually equal to God because we can take away lives. So that was kind of weird. But it turns out he´s already read all of the Book of Mormon and he believes it so yeah. I´ve found that miracles never really come in the way we expect.

I forgot my camera today so no pictures :( Até próxima semana!

Sister Lockhart