Monday, December 28, 2015

Week 30~Crazy Christmas & Resurrected Flies

Howdy friends and family!

This week was QUITE the whirlwind. 
For one, turns out there was a miscommunication in the Secretary Office and that I won´t actually be permanantly transferred in Ibiúna afterall :( It´s sad because I already fell in love with the people here. But it really gives a whole new meaning to the hymn ´´I´ll go where you want me to go´´, because instead of going back to Caucaia I´m going to be transferred to Perdizes! And my new companion will be (drumroll please........) Sister Haggard! Whoooooooo! I find this hilarious because in just 4 months in Brazil I´ve been in: Taboão, Perdizes (1 week), Caucaia, Ibiúna (2 weeks). And actually, I haven´t stayed in one área for a whole 2 transfers yet. I don´t know if the President is preparing me to be a Traveling Sister (I don´t know if they have those in all missions, but they have them here) or what. Just kidding, maybe this time is a charm.

As for Christmas....let´s just say it was quite the adventure. 3:00 we went to the house of the member who bought internet just so we could Skype for Christmas, but when we got there we found out that the power went out at his place. So we went to his mom´s house in the middle of the woods and spent 2 hours there trying to get the internet to work, but that didn´t work. So we went to a friend´s house of the lady who was driving us around and spent about half an hour there tring to get it to work, but it didn´t. After, we went to the church house to use the wifi there, but it was too weak and we couldn´t get the Skype call to work. So finally we went to another member´s house on the other side of the world and ater about an hour there, we finally got it to work. Kind of. My companion and another Elder were able to Skype, but me and another Elder didn´t get the full oportunity because by the time we left it was 10:00 at night. But no worries, because our good Mission President gave us permission to Skype on New Years. It is honestly a Christmas I will never forget.

As for the ressurrected flies, I learned that if you drown a fly and after put salt on it , itcomes back to life!!!! Hahaha I also watched a spider eat a fly this week. No big deal. 

But that´s about it for this week. I´m hoping things will finally calm down and go back to normal, but who knows? It´s the mission! Love you all and thank you for your prayers and support! Até!

Sister Lockhart