Thursday, December 3, 2015

Week 26~Happy Thanksgiving

Dear family and friends,

Another week has passed and we're that much closer to Christmas! Hooray! Time flies on the mission.

We were able to find Marcelly this week. Turns out Saturday night she decided to skip town for a few days because she was feeling really stressed. She also said she doesn't feel prepared for her baptism which is weird because literally the night before she told us she was excited for her baptism and felt really prepared. Oi pregnant women. We still love her though. I'm not sure how or when her baptism will work out though because she's supposed to be having her baby around the end of this month. So we'll see. 

We're also teaching a young women who is totally prepared for the gospel and was going to be baptized this month, but found out she's going to São Paulo this week and won't return until February....That was a bummer to find out. Thankfully though, we found a family this week! And the parents said they would be more than happy for us to teach their kids. So that was a great miracle. We also got a reference from a member in the ward to go teach her daughter, Sandra. Sandra is very inteligent and knows the Bible very well, so this week I've been really studying the Bible, which is good, because I need to study the Bible more. And I've learned a lot! Truly the Bible and the Book of Mormon complete each other. 

This week we got a call from the Mission President and he told us that on Saturday we would clean the church! That was a fun experience. Cleaning in Brasil is a lot different because everything is tile. So I guess it's easier to clean, but also it gets dirtier faster. But yeah, to clean it, you basically just fill the whole church with water and scrub. It's pretty interesting. Cleaning there reminded me of all the times I told my dad I wasn't going to clean the church hahaha It was fun.

That's really all for this week. This coming week we will have a multi-zone conference so I'll probably have more inspirational stuff to say next week lol Thank you for all your prayers! Love you all!

Sister Lockhart