Monday, December 21, 2015

Week 29~Ibiúna

​...We had a christmas party
 for the whole mission this week which was pretty fun
 I got to ride a mechanical bull. Sorry I can´t send the video of that one.

Well people,
This week was quite the adventure.
So many new things it´s a little overwhelming. Where to begin?
So Sister Granados went home this past week and I got the news that I would be staying in Ibiúna with Sister Sanchez until the end of the transfer because her companion was going home too. Just that when I arrived at the Mission Office I was told that I would be permanantly transferred to Ibiúna and that I would be training Sister Sanchez who is from Argentina. I arrived here on thursday night and it turns out that Sister Sanchez and Sister Freitas baptized really their only investigator. So we´re starting from ground zero practically. Good thing I opened my first two areas.
Let me just tell you a little bit about Ibiúna. It´s literally the midddle of nowhere. Ok that´s a bit of an exaggeration, but it´s huge. If I´m not mistaken, I think it´s the area furthest away from the mission office and it borders some other mission, but I can´t remember which. Every morning I wake up to Betsy the cow mooing across the street. Our district consists of our companionship and two companionship of Elders. It´s strange though because we don´t actually have boundries of where we work, we just kind of share the whole city of Ibiúna.

There´s just a small branch here of about 50 members and the President  of the Branch and the first counselor live in São Paulo and are only here for the weekends. Oh and the meetinghouse is actually a house which is quite different, but kind of cool. The members here are so loving and caring, I love them already. There´s a different spirit here in Ibiúna. I like it, even though it´s going to be harder. Just know that the church is true. It´s true.
So that´s about it for this week. All of this in just 3 or 4 days! Oh and family, I don´t even know if I get to skype you know because no one here has a video camera and internet! Soooooooo......we´ll see! Love you all!
Love Sister Lockhart!
I'm a chicken