Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Week 4~Birds & Bats

This week was interesting to say the least.

But first, a lot of you wanted to hear the bird story. So just be prepared for a longer email than usual.

The four of us sisters had gone outside to do our personal study. We all said our individual prayers to begin our study and Sister Carleton got done saying her prayer first. She was just looking around and then heard a strange sound, like something hit a window. She looked over at the building and saw a small bird spiral down to the ground because it had ran into the window (Kinda like a Windex commercial). After we were done, she told us what happened. So I go over there to check it out because really who wouldn't? It appeared that one of the wings was broken and it leg was also hurt. We thought it was dead. So I started talking to it in Portuguese and Sister George named it Frank. All of a sudden, it woke up and jolted a little.Then,, after a good two minutes of looking at us,the bird flew right at Sister George and over my head and missed us by about an inch. I think I saw my life flash before my eyes.

Anyway, this week was the Mission President Seminar, which means all the new mission presidents who are going to their new missions in July were here for training. We got to have President and Sister Melo come teach us for two days and it was sweet. They're from Manaus Brazil and have thick accents, but they are the sweetest people. It makes me excited for Brazil, even if people aren't so nice. 

President and Sister Melo

Because of the Mission President Seminar, General Authorities have been here and we're supposed to be getting a devotional by one of them tonight, whoop whoop. I don't know who yet, but I'll let you know. Anyway, last Tuesday a lot of the sisters, including us, switched buildings. It was a really nice, pretty new building. On Thursday, all the sisters were called into the gym for a special meeting. So everyone is freaking out because we had General Authorities on campus and everyone thought they were giving us a special devotional or something. Turns out that our new building we moved into had a bat problem and we had to move again. I guess I'm just that much more prepared for transfers. We also talked to the girls who had the bat problem in their room and apparently one of the girls woke up to a bat crawling on her in the middle of the night. Nasty! They were supposed to leave in a week, but have to stay an extra week to get rabies shots. Not fun at all.

Let's see, something I've learned this week: you can't grow in your comfort zone. And it really is true. I've learned so much here because I've been pushed. It's not always fun, but that's life. If you're doing it right. Haha

Oh also, this week we will be reassigned if we don't have our visas! We are supposed to find out this Thursday or Friday, but the Travel Office has been weird lately and they haven't been telling people until the Friday before we leave, so we'll see. Hooray!

Sister Lockhart
Me, Sister Hendrickson and Sister Rammell