Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Week 1~They Say The First Week's the Toughest...

Oi Family & Friends,

I've pretty much finished my first week at the MTC.
The first week they say is the toughest week and I can see why. The first day at the MTC they send you right to your classroom to start learning your language. Our teacher won't speak any English with us so we have to pay close attention to understand what he's saying. I love it though; it's actually pretty fun. I've already dreamed in Portuguese which is weird, but cool. Our teacher is Irmao Workman. He has kind of a reputation for being the greatest teacher here and I can see why. He's awesome. We call him "the spiritual giant, but not really" because he's like 5'4. 

Our district is great too. My companion is Sister Hall and we actually met at BYU, which is pretty neat. I'm also rooming with Sister Carleton and Sister George. They are really great people, the only thing is I guess they weren't expecting how hard it would get so fast. Actually one Sister said she was just expecting the MTC to be like EFY. No Sister, not even close. We are constantly learning and in the same classroom for 10 hours each day, except Sundays.
​Anyway, in our district we are basically all the rejects who didn't get their visas yet. There are 4 of us sisters and 4 elders, except Elder Gibby and Elder Marsh got their visas this week so they leave next Tuesday. So maybe there's hope for all of us.

The hardest thing so far (other than being with a companion for 24/7) has been teaching. We started teaching only the 3rd day here, but we're only allowed to teach in all Portuguese. Here's how a few of the lessons went:

Lesson 1: When the investigator opened the door, we stood there for 10 seconds because we forgot how to invite ourselves in

Lesson 2: Had a lesson prepared but then changed it during the lesson to fit the investigator's needs, but we didn't prepare for that and didn't know how to say stuff so we mostly read from our help guide. Just use your imagination. It was rough.

Lesson 3: Lesson prepared on the Restoration. A little struggle with the language as usual  (Again, only our 6th day), but the Spirit was strong. Best lesson we've had. Not necessarily good, just better. 

My companion and I are terrible at planning. We are getting a lot better, though. Practice makes perfect, and trust me we get lots of practice. 

I guess I should end with something I've learned this week. I've learned a lot about faith and a lot about the Holy Ghost. I've noticed that during our lessons whenever I bear my testimony and the Holy Ghost is present, I am able to bear my testimony in Portuguese with ease. The words come to my mind and this just shows me how important the Holy Ghost is in this work.

And also that in order to to receive gifts of the Spirit, you must be prepared to receive them. 

Also, if you haven't already, you should listen to/read Elder Bednar's talk "The Character of Christ" (something like that). 

Here's my address while I'm here at the MTC for the next 5 weeks unless I get my visa before then:
Sister Jessica Lockhart

Or you could just email me. Or not do anything. That's cool too. Oh you can also send mail through DearElder.comwhich is really nice because I get it the same day you send it.

Sister Lockhart