Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Week 2~The Days are Going by Faster Now...

by Sister George

Dear friends and families,

First of all thanks for the emails
. It's nice hearing from people. Sometimes you forget there is an outside world to this place.

Each day at the MTC is kind of the same so it almost feels as if it's a blur. Luckily the days are going faster now. I've only been here two weeks, but it feels like 2 months.

3 Elders in our district left today. Two were already scheduled to leave because they had their visas, but then yesterday the third got a note from the travel office and basically was told he would be leaving also in under 24 hours. So now it's just 4 of us Sisters and our District Leader. We all feel pretty sorry for him.

3 elders from our district left this week

My companion and I met someone from São Paulo this week who lived right next to our mission I think. We told him where we were going and he gave us a few pieces of advice.
1) Do not leave your house after 7:30 pm
2) Avoid men with big coats
3) Avoid young men


We also talked to our Branch President and he says our mission isn't very much city like we thought it was going to be, but there is some if you go really far in. So that's pretty cool. We also had new Brazil Mission Presidents in our ward on Sunday and talked to a couple who said they knew our Mission President really well. Then they took a picture with us on their Ipad and sent it to him. It really is a small world sometimes.

As for teaching and Portuguese, teaching is hard and Portuguese is coming I guess. This week, one investigator asked for a Book of Mormon and we forgot to bring one. That was a rough day. It is also really hard when you're companion struggles a lot with the language so when you're teaching a lesson, it's like teaching by yourself. But I'm definitely glad that the Lord loves me enough to push me so that I can become better. Even when I don't really like it. How else would I be able to 
become better?

Thanks for all of your support!

Sister Lockhart
With Sister Carleton