Monday, May 30, 2016

Week 52~Wonderful Feeling-Wonderful Day...

Hey everyone! Today we had our farewell for President Del Guerso which was the bomb. It was really emotional because he´s just like our dad. And we all got to give him a hug at the end. So sad. BUT, we skyped our new President and his wife and he´s so cute! Her too! She doesn´t speak portuguese and President Thomas is remembering, with a strong American accent, but he seems like a dad too. It´ll be exciting to get to know him and his wife.

This week was Rita´s baptism!! It almost didn´t happen because she didn´t want to pay tithing, but we told her to pray about it and a miracle happened. To make a long story short, Maria, our recent convert who was going to have to move out because she didn´t have money to pay rent, moved into a better house and we saw the hand of the Lord bless her and her family. We arrived the next day and Rita said she would pay tithing. What a blessing. What a miracle!

We also found Claudenise finally. The whole family was lying about where she was at, but we found her on the holiday and she said she hasn´t given up and she still wants to be baptized, but that she wants to wait until June because her mom got really sick and her husband still doesn´t want her to be baptized. So it´s all in her time. 

We also had our last Multizone conference with President wednesday too. Afterward we went to the temple with him to do a session and we all went to the Celestial Room and wow was the spirit so strong. One of the happiest moments I´ve experienced. I have a strong testimony of the Plan of Salvation, which is a plan of happiness. I also like that scripture in Doctrine and Covenants that says ´´how great will be your joy if ye bring one soul unto me.´´ Because if you want to be happy, help other people! 

Until next week my people!
Sister Lockhart
Me, Sister Haggard, and Sister Cannon
MAXINY!!! I swear she is a wizard because she pops up out of nowhere
Sister Melo, Me, Sister Gomes, Sister Cannon, Sister Benevides

(unfortunately the people were rushing the baptism
 that we didn´t get a good photo :/