Monday, May 23, 2016


Hey people, this week was pretty cool. Let me give you the rundown. 

This week our whole zone got to go to Paraisópolis to help the people there who lost there home in a recent fire that destroyed about 10,000 people´s homes and killed about 5 people. So we spent two days doing service there to help the people. It reminded me of the good old days of doing service as a youth. We folded clothes, sorted shoes, worked in like a soup kitchen, etc. It was a great opportunity. Paraisópolis is the second largest favela in all of Brasil with about 100,000 people, which is ridiculous. I´ll put in a picture of what it looks like. But yeah, Paraisópolis is pretty famous that there´s a soap opera here in Brasil called ´´I Love Paraisópolis´´ hence the title. But don´t worry, we were completely safe

This week had it´s ups and downs too. We can´t get in contact with Claudenise because her family basically hates us. Her mom got sick so she´s been passing time there. One day we got to her house and her husband said she was at her mom´s house and that he was leaving to drop off his son. So after I was all like ´´We´ve got to go find her. Let´s go knock on doors.´´ I remembered more or less what road her mom lived on because one time she mentioned it briefly. So we said a prayer and went on faith and we knocked on doors. We were actually going in the wrong direction, but by a miracle we found the house in 10 minutes!! what?! But then we got there and the son answered and was mean to us and told us she wasn´t there. Whatever. Buuuuut it´s not over yet. 

But yeah other than that it´s just been really cold and rainy and apparently we can use pants now? That´s a little confusing. But actually I don´t think our mission is included in that. As for as I know, Dengue and Zica isn´t as big of a problem here as it is in other parts of Brasil.

Those are the highlights of this week! I´ll just send pics now. Thanks all for everything!
Sister Lockhart

We were asked to write one word
 that describes our mission president and his wife (disciples)
Family home evening with Paloma, Stefani, Fátima, and Cézar
​Rain, rain go away!
Just in case you wanted to see
 the inequality difference between Paraisópolis and Morumbi