Monday, May 2, 2016

Week 48~Winter is Here...

Winter has arrived. Need I say more? Basically, it´s really, really cold. Whoever said it doesn´t get cold in Brasil (or São Paulo for that matter) was really wrong. I thought I´d never say it, but I actually prefer the heat. At least it hasn´t been raining. But that´s enough about the weather. 

ALRIGHTY let´s get down to it. Paloma was confirmed this week and Stefani and Danilo came to church. Man, I just love this family. We had heart to heart with Stefani this week and she bore her testimony to us and it´s these moments that remind us why we do missionary work. The gospel changes lives! The church is true! You don´t have to yell it out your window, but you can invite someone to church! Anyway. Stefani will be baptized the 15th of May :D We´re still working with Danilo who did not want to come to church because there was a big soccer game that would be missing, but Stefani got him to come so that was great.

Also, Claudenise, Victor´s mom, wants to be baptized as well. I´ve never met anyone such an eleita(?) I don´t know this word in english and google translate says elected, but I think it´s more like chosen. Whatever, but she´s incredible. After we taught the Restoration she started to read the Book of Mormon and in one week she was ready to be baptized. She will hopefully be baptized the 15th of May too, but her husband isn´t too supportive. But she said she´s determined to be baptized. She´s the kind of person that Doctrine and Covenants talk about ´´that they are kept from the truth only because they know not where to find it´´. The Lord really does prepare his people.

What else? Maria and Isabele are doing great, coming to church every Sunday. Thankfully, she has an amazing visiting teacher who is taking great care of her. We had lunch with all of them this Sunday and I´ve really learned the importance of home teaching and visiting teaching. It´s really important, I´ll just say that.

That´s pretty much it. I´m in a great area with great members and great investigators and a great companion, who could ask for more? Thank you all for your prayers! Until next week!

Sister Lockhart

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