Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Week 49~Miracles Happen

The Warriors of Maria Rosa

Happy Mother´s Day to all those great moms out there! I had the great opportunity to talk to my family on Sunday without any problems this time, thank goodness. And it was awesome. And now we´re back to work.

Stefani is all prepared for her baptism this Sunday; it´s going to be great. I can´t express the joy I´ve felt in this area. I remember someone told me before the mission that we are sent to our missions to find at least one person in particular and I believe that´s true. Hurrah for Israel!

Unfortunatey, Claudenise won´t be baptized this week because her husband is totally against it. She says she is determined to baptized, but we are here to bring families together and not break them up so it´s sad. :/ But miracles happen. 

We are also working with a friend of our recent convert Maria. Her name is Rita and she had a dream after she read the Book of Mormon of her eating bread and there being lots of water. We marked her for baptism n the 29th of May, but she has a problem with smoking and coffee. But she went to church and loved it and Maria told us she is smoking a lot less now. Miracles happen.

I don´t have much else to say. Everything is pretty much normal now. It feels like this is the first time everything is normal, which will probably change now that I´ve said that. Oh if you want to hear the funny story of a contact I did this week, just ask. 

Love you all!

Sister Louca 
(nobody can say my name and when they try it comes out as "louca" which means crazy lol)

Sister Melo & Me
Zona Ferreira