Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Week 45~Rainbows & Butterflies... (More like: Sun & Mosquitos) lol

Ferreira Zona
Hey y´all! Wow can´t believe I said that. They weren´t kidding when they say the mission changes you...hahah. Anyway, let´s get down to it!

Maria and Isabele will be baptized this week! They are really excited and determined to be baptized. It will be after our stake conference so it´ll be cool with all those people there to support. Don´t worry, there will be pictures next week!

Paloma will also be baptized the week after! Danilo, her brother, didn´t want to wake up to come to church, but one of the young men in our ward went to his house sunday and said he wasn´t going to leave his house until he got up to go to church! And he came! It was a miracle! We´ve also been teaching Paloma´s sister Stefani who said she´ll probably be baptized in May and that right now is really busy for her to study the Book of Mormon, but hey at least it wasn´t ´´No, get out of my house.´´ We had a great spiritual lesson on the Law of Chasity, who would´ve thought? lol. But yeah she´s progressing pretty well. We´re going to the temple with them this week.

We´ve also been working with a man named Victor who´s marked for baptism 24 of Apriltoo. Victor was a contact I made in the Plaza. It was actually pretty funny because he was sitting with a woman and a baby on the bench and I went up to them and introduced ourselves and started talking about eternal families and they said they were just friends and weren´t married. So that was fun. But Victor said we could pass by his house so we did. We´ve talked about baptism and the Restoration and he says that he needs to baptized and learn more! He came to church this week and liked it. He is a good person. We´re prayingeverything works out this week so he can go to stake conference!

We also had interviews with the mission president this week. Our last interview with him, which is kind of sad. But he told us something interesting that I won´t forget. He told us his secret of how he stayed strong in the gospel. He said there are two sides. The side that needs help and the side that offers help. He said we should always ask for help when we need it, and always offer help whenever we can. Food for thought.

In other news, we´ve gained the Bishop´s and the ward´s trust! There are a lot more people willing to go out with us now, including the Bishop! Yay Maria Rosa!

That´s all for this week that I´m remembering. Oh yeah we went to the temple today again so that´s why P-day is today. And I don´t have pictures because this LAN House doesn´t want to send my pictures...So until next week!

Sister Lockhart

(I lied...got some pictures...See ya)