Monday, April 18, 2016

Week 46~Broke my Back and Learned to Laugh

Me, Maria, Isaque, Gabriel, Isabele, Sister Hall, and Sister Souza

Hey people! I didn´t really break my back, but it does hurt a lot and here´s why!

This week was the baptism of Maria and Isabele that almost didn´t happen! This week we had stake conference and we had planned to do the baptism right after in the stake center. But Saturday night I got a call about 8 pm when we were at the temple with our investigators that we couldn´t have the baptism at the stake center because of safety stuff. So I was stressing a bit because we had already planned everything and told everyone that it would be there, but our Ward mission leader and Bishop said they would resolve everything Sunday and would fill the baptismal font before the baptism. Except that they didn´t do any of that. So we went to our church in Maria Rosa right after the conference and began filling the font. But if you know anything about filling a font I think it takes about 2 hours to fill and the baptism wasright after the conference. So we filled it ourselves with buckets of water and we filled that font in 30 minutes! In other words, don´t mess with a Lockhart. So that´s why my back hurts. And while we were filling the font I just couldn´t help but laugh because really it was just so funny. But in the end, everything worked out and we had cake and Maria and Isabele cried and our ward mission leader told me that the greatest blessigs come after the hardest challenges. I think he´s right.

We also had the wonderful oportunity to go to the temple with two of our investigators. Paloma will be baptized this sunday and she is amazing! She goes to seminary on her own and showed up at stake conference by herself, she´s only 15 years old! She wants to serve a mission too! We brought her sister Stefani too who is equally amazing (she actually found my blog and reads it now so Oi Stefani!!! hahah) We had a great experience there at the temple and we´re counting on Stefani being baptized in May after everything cools down with her work.

Oh yeah, my companion was transferred to help out another Sister who is having a lot of problems, so guess who is my new companion now? Sister Hall. Hhahahahahah! But only for a week! President isn´t thaaaaat crazy lol

That´s about it for this week. Love you all and thank you for your prayers! Até o próximo! 

Sister Lockhart

A road called "White Savior"... I thought it was funny

With Sister Cannon

Goin' Trackting

"Who is it"

"Would you like to hear a message about Jesus"

With Sister Souza

With Sister Hall, Paloma & Stefani