Monday, February 15, 2016

Week 37~Welcome to English Class

Hello my dear friends and family, 

It's only been about 4 days, but here I am again!

So these past four days we´ve actually had a lot happen. We started our english class this week and it was great! We had about 15 people there on Saturday, but a lot of people called and said they wouldn´t be able to make it this time, but the next time for sure! It was really neat actually, a lot of people came up afterward and asked when we have church meetings and were able to get a couple addresses in our area to visit. Oh sidenote: we were teaching estar, ser, and ficar, which is the equivalent of ´´I am´´ and I tried to make a joke about Groot from Guardians of the Galaxy, you know, like, ´´I am Groot´´,  but it didn´t really work out and only two people laughed because they felt sorry for me. But, other than that it went very well!

Also this week we had a miracle! I made a contact with some guy on the street and he talked with us for about half an hour about Mormons and stuff and he had so many questions and we were running late so we gave him three pamphlets and invited him to church on Sunday and also to the english class. So we were at the church on Saturday getting things set up and he (his name is Wagner) walks in and asks us where are the gold plates lol so we gave him a Book of Mormon and he told us he read all the pamphlets we gave him and that they answered his questions. So we thought he came to stay for the English class, but after we gave him a Book of Mormon he kind of ran away. But Sunday rolled around and he came! And he was very excited with lots of questions, he´s a little crazy, but very inteligent. And he kept saying ´´Us Mormons believe...´´ What?! We have yet to have a real lesson with him because he just talks and talks and after runs away, but he told us he felt really good at church. But apparently his wife is anti-mormon, but we´ll see this week!

That´s it for this week! Thank you for everything!
Sister Lockhart

Avacados are huge here
We ate a really cheap but quality churrascaria