Monday, September 26, 2016

Week 69~Weddings & Cultural Fairs

Hey guys! This week was smooth.

First of all there was a wedding in the ward! Luzinete and Edivaldo have been going to church for 2 years but were never baptized because they didn´t want to get married. But miracles happen and they were married on Saturday. It was my first wedding that I´ve attended here in brasil and it was pretty cool haha.

This week Luan came to church again and brought his mom who is so nice. Luan is progressing really well and is really liking the church. His brother, Junior, didn´t wake up to come to church because it was cold outside, but next week we´ll get him for sure! 

We also got invited to a cultural fair where a few young men and young women go to school. It was pretty cool to see what a brasilian school is like. It´s very very different haha. They did a fair about technology which was cool. A few students did a project about dengue which was cool. Afterwards we got to talk to a lot of friends of the members and everyone was like ´´You´re mormons? Cool!!´´ 

A miracle for the week: we got a referral on our cellphone that said this lady sent an email to the church saying she wanted to receive the missionaries. So we got there and she said ´´I knew it was you when you rang my doorbell.´´ haha. But it turns out she already received the missionaries, but wasn´t baptized because, well actually she won´t tell us why. But she said she misses all the books of the church and that she wants to start over. So that´s why we´re here!

Here´s some pictures from last week I didn´t send. Love you all! Until next week!
Sister Lockhart

Master Chef
Culture Fair