Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Week 67~Blast from the Past

Hey ya´ll, another week down and a few more to go. This week was a blast from the past because we got to do a service project! Yay!

This past week was Independence day for Brasil so all the missionaries coordinated with the stakes to do a service project for ´´Mãos que ajudam´´ or the mormon helping hands group, I forgot what that group is called. So we went to the old folk´s home! And we sang and talked to the old people like we did when I was in young women´s. It was great. I also got to see people from Jardim Celeste which was my first area and all the kids ran up to me and were like ´´It´s the american sister that I helped with portuguese!!´´ Hahaha it was cute.

Let´s see, this week Ramatis is traveling, Fabio cut us because he said he is content with his church, The Temple of Solomon. We brought two young women to church and Danilo came!!!! (Danilo is Stefani and Paloma´s brother) His mom is supporting him now coming to church which is good. When you open up an area, things are kind of slow in the beginning because you have to find people to teach, but at least that means there is a lot of work to do. This is like my 4th time opening up an area, so I guess you could, as my family would say, call me a professional. Hahaha. 

Not much to say, but here is a lot of pictures that I stole from other people´s cameras. Until next week!
Sister Lockhart
 at the old folks home
singing "I am a Child of God"
my companion likes to take random pictures of me...
I found a Brasilian clone of my nephew...