Friday, August 19, 2016

Week 63~Soccer Pro

Hey everyone! It seems like lately the weeks are passing by so fast. Haha everyone say after the mission it seems like it´s a dream. And I guess I´m living the dream. Hah. I have no idea if that actually made sense.

This week we contacted a lot of references and we had some good results. We still weren´t able to bring anyone to church this week, but we were able to find some youth playing soccer on the road this week and we were able to teach them. One of them has already gone to church and they taught me a few soccer tricks. I think I´m going to go pro for the olympics. Lol. #I´mBrasilianNow

This week we also had interviews with President Thomas. Wow he is just the greatest. Such a loving and humble man and his wife too is just amazing. This week we will have a Multi-zone conference and I can´t wait to hear their words of wisdom.

I´m trying to think of a funny story that happened this week, but I´m not remembering anything. But next week for sure will be a much more exciting email. Something I learned this week in Relief Society is that perserverance is the courage to start over. I liked that because usually they just talk about marriage and stuff.

 Thank you for your prayers!

Sister Lockhart