Monday, August 8, 2016

Week 62~Week of the Olympics

Hey people. Another week flew by so fast I can hardly remember what happened! Hah. 

This week we spent the majority of the time finding new people to teach. We contacted a lot of part-member families and we were able to find some success this week. Haha, we also found of family of 13 kids! But as you can see it´s kind of hard to find all of them in the house all at once. But we´re teaching some of them. We didn´t bring anyone to church this week because everyone decided to sleep. Well, other than Renato. But that´s about it.

As for the olympics, (I know everyone wants to know about them) it hasn´t really affected us at all except when we arrive to eat lunch in the members´ houses and eveyone´s got the TV on which is awkward. How is the US doing?  But on the good note, here in Brazil you can collect the new coins they´ve made with olympic printings. I´ve collected 4 so far lol

That´s about it for this week. We´re starting to get to know the area a bit better so that´s good. Let´s see what the next week has in store! Love you all!

Sister Lockhart

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