Monday, July 25, 2016

Week 60~´´Esta é minha filha amada, ouve-a!´´

Hello! This week I received my new companion! Her name is Sister Neto from Acre. She´s the first person I´ve met from Acre (she gets that a lot). It was pretty funny when we found out we were companions because I asked her if she liked the MTC and she said ´´Uh, yeah.´´ and I said ´´Good, because you´re going to back there.´´ Haha, it must be strange to go from the MTC to the area of the MTC.

This week we had a lot of miracles. We found a family! We taught them this week and marked them for baptism, but unfortunately when we went to pick them up to go to church yesterday, they told us they weren´t ready to be baptized and that if they leave the church they are going to they won´t be able to receive money from them anymore. Buuuuut, we are still going to help them. Also this week out of the blue I had the thought (but of course it was the spirit) to go to Renato´s house. So we went there and out of the blue Renato told us that he is going to get married! He said that it was because of our love as missionaries that he was finally able to understand that this is what he needs to do. But it´s a secret! They´re going to announce it at Lorenzzo´s baptism this upcoming sunday! I was very happy.

As for the area, it´s very large and we still don´t have a good map. I think they are going to put another set of sisters in the ward the next transfer, but we´ll see. That´s about all I have to say of this week! Love you guys!

Sister Lockhart