Monday, July 27, 2015

Week 8~"99 Problems and a Visa Ain't One"

(Sister Ursaga loves filters)

I apologize in advance for the lyrical pun...

I've actually never heard the song before. Anyway, lots of good news this week. I got my visa! Yay! But I will be staying here until the transfer is over. So on August 24 I will be on a plane headed for Brazil! Thank you all for your support and prayers. 
Sister Ursaga, Sister Hall, me, Pedro
This week was a special week. Sister Hall and I had the opportunity to teach a Brazilian from another area (with permission from the zone leaders of course). He is an 18 year old from Rio and he was here visiting his uncle for about 3 weeks and he has been interested in the church. He has been reading the Book of Mormon in Portuguese and English to try to learn English. He told us it is a special book and he feels good when he reads it. Well whatyah know! Anyway, we were able to have a lesson with him before he left yesterday back to Brazil. There was a return missionary from Brazil with us so he did most of the talking. But we were able to bear our testimonies about the Book of Mormon. It was awesome and Pedro was awesome! We were able to get his contact info and hopefully be able to send missionaries in Rio to him, or very least keep in contact with him. Now I'm just that much more excited to serve in Brazil!

We also had Pioneer Day this week, which in Utah is of course a big deal. We were able to go to the parade and look out the window at night to watch the fireworks. Sometimes I just don't know about Utah hahaha but we were able to take one of our investigators and they asked if all of Bountiful is Mormon lol. They're from New York and they came here to raise a family. They're cute. 

Utah is very different from Brazil (I realize that's kind of obvious). What I mean is, all our finding here is almost 100% contingent on the members. We are not allowed to track here because it just wouldn't make sense to, so referrals are basically the only way to get new investigators. Also, if you don't have a member present at a lesson then you can't count it as a lesson. Kind of weird. At least I know now how to be a member missionary in the future. And I have seen already that when the members help the missionaries in any way, the Lord really blesses them, so keep that in mind. 

One thing I learned this week is that the word Gospel means "good news". And when we all share the gospel with others, we are sharing the good news that Christ lives and the church has been restored. I don't know what better news we could share! Sorry that was kind of cheesy. 

Love you all! I appreciate your prayers! Have a great week!
Sister Lockhart
Went on an exchange 
and saw my mom's good friend Janeen Stevens
"Happy Birthday"
 to our Missionary Mom Tara Tanner
First Preperation Day in Bountiful