Monday, July 20, 2015

Week 7~South Bountiful...Kinda like "The South"

         Oi Everyone,

         This first week has finally come to a close.
I'm serving in South Bountiful, which is actually the stake where one of my room mates from BYU is from. Kinda funny. I'm actually in a trio which I thought might be fun. It's...interesting. My trainer is 27 and from the Philippines. Very sweet. The senior companion leaves in 4 weeks and is kind of trunkie. We live in a member's home who is a prime cat lady, so we get along great obviously. Our Mission President and his wife are way cool too. They are the Spendloves and they are awesome people. President Spendlove keeps telling me "We don't want you here, but we want you here forever." Me too, President, me too. 

It has been difficult adjusting. Utah is...interesting. I now understand what Mormon culture is. Thankfully, there are some amazing people here as well. 96% of the people we teach are less active or returning members. However, my second day we met someone who has lived in Utah for about a year and has never heard of Mormons. Weird, right? We are also teaching someone who has been investigating the church for 12 years. Not as weird for this area. 

Oh yeah, this mission is an iPad mission which is (wait for it)....interesting. I really need to find a better word. Everything we do is now digital and nothing is on paper. It actually takes longer to do simple stuff I think, but I guess I can see how the iPads are useful. My biggest concern about them is that I've found missionaries rely on the videos for teaching more than the scriptures and lessons. It's just different from what I'm used to. And videos are a great way to bring the spirit into a lesson I've found. But then again so are the scriptures. 

Apparently there is a rumor that the average weight gain for this mission is 45-60 pounds. Now, that may seem a little exaggerated, and it probably is, but I can see why the rumor got started. We don't walk anywhere. We are always driven. And at least once a week we eat two dinners in a row. Don't ask me why. At least it's good food. Actually this area quite reminds me of the south. 

I hope everyone is well. I know I talked about this in my farewell talk before I left, but God doesn't call the qualified, but he qualifies those he has called. I mean, look at my dad. He's the stake president! Haha just kidding. 

Sorry no pictures this week! I guess I don't have an excuse now that I have an iPad. All well.

Tchau meus amigos!
Sister Lockhart  

P.S.  So I was able to check my visa status the day we left for here and it said it was done. Sister Halls done too. So apparently it takes about a week for them to send it back. I think I should be getting it this week if not next week. 

Got to see "Sister Ginn" before I left the MTC
Carolina Sisters Rock!