Monday, June 27, 2016

Week 56~Saint John's Party

Tchau Presidente!

Good morning!

 I hope everyone is well! This week had it´s ups and downs, but overall pretty good.

Isabella decided that she would rather live a life chasing after boys than chasing after Jesus. But that´s okay. We were doing contacts and we met her uncle who told us he was really interested in learning about the church! There is always a miracle hidden in the rough. 

A miracle that happened this week: Renato came to church! After one of the hymns I looked behind us and there was Renato sitting with his family! And he participated during Gospel Principles which was good. Renato used to frequent the church when his ´´wife´´ was baptized, but then stopped because they have been having relationship issues. But he asked her yesterday morning if he could go. So that was a big surprise. We are going to mark a wedding date for them this week!

Also, Saturday was Festa Junina (or Festa de São João) which is a holiday here in Brasil. I don´t know what they actually celebrate, but there was an activity at the church which was really cool. 8 of our investigators came and they loved it! Now the only problem is getting them to church on Sunday..

Let´s see, what else? We´re probably going to start another english class here, which is good because I think it would work out really well and I miss the old english class we taught in Perdizes. Oh yeah, our new President arrives this Wednesday! I´m sure I´ll have more to tell about that next week.

Thank you all for your prayers! Love you!
Sister Lockhart
Haha... I bought this thing...
My companion told me that I need to take more pictures and this was my reaction...