Monday, October 5, 2015

Week 18~Four Months...

Taboao Zone

Bom dia everyone

I hope you all had a week full of great things. As of Saturday, I´ve hit my  4 month mark, woah!

I´ll start off with the big news first: I´m getting transferred! What? Apparently our area here is closing again because the numbers are low and probably because I still haven´t taught any of the 5 lessons, but hey, I still learned a lot here. My new area will be Caucaia, which is very far away from where I am now and very different apparently. It´s called the interior, which just means not the city I think. I´m not sure. But there´s lots of forests and cows and chickens and it´s more calm and tranquil with less people, so that´ll be both fun and interesting. I´m really excited. Also I´ll be getting a new companion because Sister de Oliveira was called as a Sister Training leader for this area. My new companion will be Sister Oliveira. No joke. Hahaha.And we will be pinkwashing the area, which means we will be replacing the Elders in that area. And Caucaia hasn´t had Sisters before. This´ll be a fun experience.

This week we also had training for the new missionaries. Here´s a story: we (sister Hall, sister Valdera, and I) were on the bus going to the church and we got off at the wrong stop halfway there and had to walk about thirty minutes to get to the place because we were lost. But, we made it! Late of course, but we made it in time for the food haha

And of course we had General Conference this week which was sweet! I was able to watch half of it in Portuguese and half in English. Sister Hall´s uncle (Elder Haynie) spoke and also Elder Costa who I´ve met a couple times here. I don´t know who´s talk was my favorite, but enjoy Elder Bednar´s talk about sustaining the Apostles and the Prophet. I have a grand testimony that God has called a living prophet today because He loves his children yesterday, today, and forever. 

Now I´m going to bombard you with pictures. To be honest, I´m going to miss Jardim Celeste, it was charming. But that´s mission life. Thank you all for everything!

Until next week,
Sister Lockhart

The Only American Sisters in the Whole Mission

Goodbye Mr. Magoo Pizza (aka Diabetes)
​Pitanga: a weird fruit we pick off the trees that is really interesting but good
at the São Paulo Temple