Monday, August 31, 2015

Week 13~Brasil!!!

I do'nt even know where to begin with this email. So I will just start from the beginning. Also I am using a portuguese keyboard so please bear with me.

Last Monday we got on a plan headed for Brasil! And a cool experience happened while we were in the Atlanta airport. We met this other missionary who just came from the MTC and was going to the São Paulo Norte Mission. Anyway, he goes over and starts talking to these Brazilians in Portuguese. Turns out they were members of the church and so we just started talking to him. (The only advice he gave us was to never go back to Brazil and marry someone you baptized lol) Anyway, I saw this other Brazilian who was listening to our conversation so I went over there to talk to him. Apparently he was doing an exchange student program in Canada and was just coming home after being there a year. So we talked and he asked a few questions about what we do as missionaries. We asked him if he went to church and he said not really because there are many churches in Brasil and it is very confusing. He said he wants to feel that something is true. Well whatya know. So we gave him a Book of Mormon and I bore my testimony of when I felt it was true and he said he might want to have missionaries over. But get this. It turns out he lives in this very mission! So we are going to try and send the Elders over to that area. Pretty cool.

So yeah, Brasil is very different to say the least. When you greet someone you kiss them on the cheek, except as missionaries we can~t do that to someone of the opposite gender which can be pretty awkward sometimes when you think they are leaning in to tell you something and then your companion freaks out because they know what is up. Hahaha yeah that happened. It´s pretty fun though. My companion is Sister de Oliveira and she is very sweet. We just opened up a new area. That is hard. We haven´t taught very many lessons. And no one really wants to talk to us. Also no one can pronounce my name so I am officially going by Sister Loki because that is how they say my name. Haha.

The members here are so awesome. They are crazy, but fun. It is kind of hard because everybody thinks I am just stupid and so they try to speak english to me, but I have never met a more loud people. I can´t wait for they olympics hahah we work with the bishop a lot and the seminary kids who are just insane, but cool. I was able to convince one of them that I was from Brasil hehe but all in all, great people, hard life.

I will try to write more next week! I forgot to bring my camera so no pictures :( we aren´t supposed to carry it around because we would get jumped, no joke. 

Thank you for everything! Love you all.
Sister Lockhart